Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Been One Week...

(Bare Naked Ladies. Thats the song that popped into my head when I realized I hadn't blogged for a week.)

During that week, I went off the new thyroid medicine my Dr put me on. It reacted in my body completely opposite to how it should have. Instead of having more energy and feeling good, I was so achy and tired I could barely move, and I was extremely irritable. Extremely. I stopped taking it and called my Dr. He was surprised at my reaction to the drug; I was not. Drugs often react badly in me. I'll never forget when I was 18, just before leaving for college, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and developed four dry sockets. I was in such horrible pain that the Dr gave me a prescription for a pain killer. The only thing I can remember from the time I was on them is the scary hallucinations I had. I later found out that while I was taking them a friend came to visit me and had me making phone calls to people. I wish I knew what I said to the people I called since normally I hate talking on the phone. I also found cases of Tab and bags of chocolate chips stashed in my closet...anyway...

Thursday Mom and Dick, or as Oliver refers to them, "Gammy and Poppie Dickie," came for a two day visit.


Oliver was my moms shadow the entire time she was here.


Unfortunately we had torrential rains while they were here, hindering most activities other than watching Dr. Who.


Saturday we went to the farmers market despite temperatures in the 30's, and I picked up a bouquet of flowers that had lilacs in it. I love lilacs!


Sunday Brewier and I took Oliver to the Biltmore so he could run around. He had a great time. We told him we were going to see a really big house. He looked at us, then the Biltomre, then back at us, and said, "Whoa, it's a castle!" We have no idea how he knows the word castle.



The festival of flowers is going on right now, and the gardens are beautiful.


But he had the most fun running around with Poppie and looking at the fish.




Elizabeth said...

Love all the photos of the Biltmore, I would love to see that place someday.

Sorry to hear about the thyroid medication :( Did they try another type? I've been on one for four years now, and so far so good. Matter of fact, I had to go in yesterday to get my blood checked, and it is still fine, unfortunately though......I now have to take high blood pressure medication :( despite trying like heck to avoid it! I'm wondering how I'm going to react to that medication.
Thanks mom and dad for the genetics on that one :(

Can't believe how big Oliver is getting all of a sudden!

LindaSue said...

I echo Elizabeth's question about the trying another route for thyroid regulation. Disturbing about the bad reactions to meds -
great photos of Oliver and the grands - there is something quite special about connection of toddlers and older people - being an older people I notice it a lot