Sunday, April 14, 2013

For the Love of Fresh Food.

One of the things that drew us to the Ashville area besides the stunning views, was the availability of fresh local food. While this shouldn't be a novelty, in our Monsanto controlled country, it is. Saturday Megan and I went to two different farmers markets, (both within 5 minutes of our house,) to see what was available this early in the season. The first market is held on the campus of UNC Asheville, and the vendors are required to be the producers of what ever they are selling. We were not disappointed.


These are local, (fuzzy,) mushrooms.

Flowers that I had to buy! This vendor even offers a CSA type of deal on her flowers. $125 for 22 weeks of fresh bouquets. I'm tempted.


This is a winter lettuce I bought that tastes like a cross between lettuce and spinach, and has little flowers in the center of each leaf.


I've also purchased several types of honey, bread, wine, beer, pepperoni, eggs, chocolates, chicken, sauage, bacon, BBQ sauce, salsa, veggies and steak. There are several cheese makers that I'm eager to patronize. I'm in food heaven!


LindaSue said...

and a great big YUM - really like the winter lettuce item - who wouldn't like flowers in their salad?

Elizabeth said...

Those mushrooms are so cool! Oh, I would totally do the flower deal. I think I spend close to that in two months time. I, for some reason, can not get my lazy self up to our farmers market in town. :(