Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Yesterday was gorgeous so Megan Oliver and I decided to explore down town Asheville, a mere 2 miles from our house. Even though it was a Monday afternoon, things were hopping. Lines for cafes, at least 7 street musicians preforming, and people filled the streets.

The Carolina Catskins


The old Woolworth Building has been turned into an art gallery, but the dinner section was kept intact and still serves food.



After walking for an hour, Megan and I realized we were hungry and hadn't eaten lunch. When we saw that the pub, Hannah Flanagans, served fish and chips, (and had outdoor dining,) we stopped in for a bite and a local beer. Asheville was voted Beer City, USA because of all the micro breweries here.


Tomorrow the city market opens, with local produce, meats and baked goods and we plan to go.

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LindaSue said...

Downtown Asheville looks quite pleasant - going to be fun as you discover more places to visit, eat, and have those microly brewed beers!