Monday, April 08, 2013

Beauty Everywhere.

I don't have the promised pictures of this weekends finds. The weather was so beautiful that Megan and I spent much of the day walking around downtown Asheville. It's a great way to get exercise and allows us to patronize the local chocolate shops somewhat guilt free. On of these days I want to have coffee and dessert on this double decker bus.


Megans, "Dirty Chai." Espresso and Chai all in one drink.


This was painted on the side of a building in an alley.


The outside dining area of a Japanese restaurant.


And across the street, this wittily named clothing store.


And the side of another building.


Tomorrow I'll try to take pictures of my treasures....but if the weather is nice, that might not happen:)

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Elizabeth said...

When I saw the first photo in the reader section, I thought you took a flight to London :) Looks like a very fun outing, and great that you are getting to know your new town :)