Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Get To Vote

Keep or toss. I've had this shirt for about 4 years and have worn it 4 times. Meg says it looks good on me, but it's like I'm playing a part in a movie because its just not me. Opinions please.


And now I'll give you a peek into another closet in my house; the pantry. ITS A WHOLE ROOM!






LindaSue said...

love the shirt - and oh my goodness what a pantry - loverly

Elizabeth said...

I can see what you mean about the shirt, as far as not being you. It looks nice and fits, but you just don't feel like it is you. I think it might be the fabric perhaps? Or having to wear something under it because it has a deep V? Fitted shirts with anything under it makes me feel constricted.

LOVE that pantry!!! All that room is wonderfull. I just bought this little rinky dink shelf unit from Ikea, to add a bit more storage in my laundry room for extra stuff.

Monica Ritchie said...

I love the shirt. The color is gorgeous and it fits you perfectly.

Vickie said...

Wish I had a pantry like that! Like the color and fit of the shirt but it really isn't you.