Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yes, I'm Happier Here.

Last night before going to bed, Brewier looked at me and said, you feel better and are happier here, aren't you. Yes I am. There are so many places to see, (antique shops abound!) and visit. Today I took a wrong turn and ended up on I-40 headed to Black Mountain. I didn't mind because it is so gorgeous here, and when I came to an exit where I could turn around, there was an antique store. I'm never far from clean air, and by living in the city I'm never far from anything, with many things being walking distance from home, (like the wine shop at the bottom of the hill, that Meg and I patronized yesterday.)

You know what else makes me happy? This Viking gas range.


Now I know why professional appliances are such a big deal, they make a BIG difference in cooking. The woman who designed this kitchen was a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and the kitchen is a dream to cook in.
Something else I love, (and am keeping,) is this dress I bought in Orlando, just before we moved. Its more of a summer dress, but I layered a cami under it and wore a jacket over it and stayed warm. I also learned that it is much better to have your, (tall,) daughter take your picture than taking one yourself by balancing the camera on its edge on the dresser. Look! I have a head!


She also told me to be myself instead of standing like this:


Thank you Megan.


Elizabeth said...

Cute outfit. You do look happy and peppy :) What I wouldn't give to have that lovely kitchen!! I hate my stupid electric stove top, and my miniature oven:( I love to cook, so it is torture! I once rented a house that had a Wolfe stove with a griddle. So nice to cook with!!!

Marci said...

You look fabulous, mama!! Glad things are looking up for you.

Cindi said...

You can keep the kitchen, the appliances, the house...I just want a body like yours!

The outfit on you: A+

Happy to hear you are happy and having better health.

Now I have to go speak to the Lord about body types......

Wendy said...

You look fabulous in this outfit Tricia.