Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Working On My wardrobe

I decided that before I go shopping, I needed to unpack and organize my closet. What I learned from doing this is:

I only wear about 10% of what I own. The other 90% is either too small, or I don't like it but feel as if I should continue to hang on to it because I spent money on it.

What I do wear is mostly black and grey in color.

I don't have any true winter clothes.

Here is my closet and every piece of clothing I own.


Here are my all my shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters and jackets.


And here are my coats, dresses and vintage items.


This is the fur section, Coats on the lower rack, fur collars on the upper.


The things I wear the most.


I don't want a large wardrobe, but would rather have 15-20 pieces that all work together...and I need to have clothes that work for four seasons, not one.

I'm overwhelmed. (And in desperate need of color.)


LindaSue said...

when in doubt - go for turquoise and/or red.
actually I'm interested in the piece next to wall in the coats, dresses and vintage items - is it appliqued bird on something? Nice assortment of accessories -

J said...

I wear a lot of black (so much that my closet looks like it belongs to a nun or an Italian widow) but I've started to introduced some colored skinny jeans (aqua, cranberry, purple) that pairs really well with my black and gray sweaters. Good time of year to hit some warm weather sales!

J said...

Make that COLD weather sales!