Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whats Wrong With Me?

I've had several people ask me that lately. I found a good explanation HERE. I'm on the severe end of the illness and have all the symptoms listed. Because I can't use allopathic medicine (traditional medicine is chemical based,), I've spent the past two days trying to find a Dr. here in Asheville that practices integrated medicine. I found two doctors, and both of their websites say they treat MCS, yet both have polypropylene carpet in their offices that made me instantly sick when I stopped by to visit. I also discovered that I won't be able to get my H2O2 I.V.'s here, as the N.C. medical board doesn't approve of them and wants people to take antibiotics instead.
I'm feeling very discouraged.

This little guy cheers me up though.
He found his floaties and asked to go to the pool while he moved his arms through the air as if swimming. Sorry dude, we no longer have a pool.


He likes to borrow my reading glasses and walk around the house. I don't know how he can do that with out falling over.


This is his, "Going out attire." He asks for his hat and glasses whenever we get in the car. He fell asleep while we were out sweet. See his beloved knockers in his hand? He has added the can opener to his collection of favorite objects. Yeah, I don't get it either.


The lovely Megan waiting for her organic nonchemical futon mattress to be delivered this afternoon. When it arrived we opened it and the cover was bright yellow. She had paid extra for an organic natural colored cover, so she called the company to ask them about it. They said that was the natural color. Um...I've lived in TX and seen cotton growing in the fields, and it was never bright yellow. They're sending her a new cover.


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