Friday, March 08, 2013

The Good...The Bad

The good. This morning was beautifully sunny, and in my mind sunny equals warm, so I bundled up Oliver and took him outside to play on his, "Toy," (swingset to the rest of us.) Despite it being a balmy 32 degrees, with a windchill somewhere in the 20's, I wasn't able to be outside more than 10 minutes, but in that time I spotted daffodils growing alongside our house.


Its been years since I've seen a daffodil. They're so cheery.


The bad. Our oven hasn't really worked since we moved in. The door didn't close and the bottom element was iffy, so Tuesday we had a repairman come by to fix it. A smelly repairman. I think he was wearing the horrific smelling Axe for men. Gag...well not so much gag as my lungs ceased to work and I was close to passing out. Megan shooed him out of the house before he could do much more than put the oven back in the wall. Last night I heated some bread in the oven for dinner and as we were sitting down to eat we heard a loud pop then shattering glass. The middle glass wall of the oven had burst and shattered the outer glass. I'd been planning on making an apple pie. Now I'm sad and am reduced to eating honey out of the jar because I have no baked goods in the house.


LindaSue said...

the good thing is - you will probably get a completely NEW oven out of this deal - the bad thing is - must stock some kind of carb to add to honey - straight from the jar is pretty hard core!
Yes daffs are such a joyous welcome to spring - mine are beginning to fade (spring coming early - my lips to God's ear?)

Elizabeth said...

Too bad about the oven :( Of course it's the weekend! Hope it gets fixed quick!