Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spending Time at the Barn

Whenever we need to get out of the house for a while, we head over to the Tobacco Barn. There is always something to see as they are always getting new junk/antiques in. I've been keeping my eye out for a mirror for our guest bath, and today I found what I was looking for...but not before someone else decided they wanted to buy it and had an employee take it to the cash register for them. Lesson learned. If you see something you want, grab it then and not when you are ready to leave the store. Megan was buying a book so I took Oliver to the car, and when Megan came out she said she had talked to the woman who wanted the mirror, and found out she was just thinking of buying it, so I gave Meg my credit card and less than 5 minutes later she came out with the mirror! Apparently the woman decided it wasn't what she wanted.

Here it is in the bathroom.

photo (6)

And a detail of the top.

photo (5)

It's supposed to snow this weekend, but today was beautiful so Oliver and I played on his, "Toy."


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LindaSue said...

beautiful mirror - nice touch for bathroom and surely glad you are able to get outside and play with Oliver -no unpleasant atmospheric side effects!