Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Perfect It Feels Like a Dream.

It started out with a couple hundred people running by our house for the Shamrock 5/10k...including the woman who used to live here and shouted out a hello to us.

(this is not her...but one of the festively dressed runners.)

After much coffee, Brewier and I went out to a few antique shops. I had him pose in this Austin Powers-ish chair, with a wooden cat. I think he needs both of these items for his office.


Or how about your own personal statue of liberty?


Because it was a blistering 78 degrees here, we decided to take a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but not before stopping at Ingels and getting sandwiches, apple fritters, and olives for the road. We might have even stopped at two different McDonalds for me to get coffee....

Photo Mar 16, 3 58 40 PM

The road was closed so we weren't able to drive as far oras high as we wanted, but there were still some beautiful views.
On our way home we drove through downtown Asheville where the annual tattoo festival was going on. There is something happening every weekend downtown. Love it.

Once home we sat on our front porch, had snacks and watched people walk by as we admired our view of the Grove Park Inn,and talked about how lucky we are to be living here.


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LindaSue said...

now THIS is a most excellent view of your new life- time together, interesting sights to see, and delicious foods - enjoying your life =thanks for sharing !