Friday, March 01, 2013

Oh the Boxes!

I put an ad on Craigslist this morning offering our moving boxes to anyone who wanted them. I got quite a few responses and have been contacting people in the order they responded. So far two people have loaded up their vehicles with boxes and paper, (the latest a woman who gave us a groupon for a free massage!) We still have a garage full of moving supplies that I'm hoping will be claimed this weekend. As for the craft room...seriously, how in the world did all of this fit in my previous walk in closet?


We've been watching snowflakes drift through the air all day long. Nothing sticks, but Oliver still enjoys going outside and skipping while shouting, "Ice!" (I think, "snowflake," is too hard for him to say.)


LindaSue said...

Oliver is right - it IS ice simply in the shape of a flake.
wow that IS a lot in the craft room - but so much of it is packing and not being in place yet - zone it out as one small area at a time -completely empty and take out the container and put whatever it is where it will go - I give this advice 'cause it was given to me - NOT because I followed it ;)) you know the drill - as I say not as I do!

Amy said...

We'll be moving is a month or two, shame we can get your boxes! One thing at a time, you'll get there :)