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Friday, March 15, 2013

It's 68 outside and I don't even need a sweater on. I even had my doors open for a few minutes . Oliver took advantage of this gorgeous day to play on his, "Toy." Even when when the wind chill is 9 degrees, he wants out on his toy for a few minutes, he loves it so.


Megan searched Craigslist and found a single mom 2 blocks from our home, who was looking for a friend, and tonight Meg and Oliver are going to her house for an Irish themed potluck. I'm jealous. I looked over the Craigslist ads, but no one seems to want a 51 year old friend. I'm thinking of putting up an ad myself...Fragrance free friend wanted. It's hard to find people who understand and are willing to adjust their lives to be friends with me. I used to find friends at church, but that is one of the most heavily fragranced, and sadly the most least understanding places for me to be.

Now for my daily outfit. I put this top,( that I've had for about 8 years,) on and knew it was not a keeper.


I took it off and put this other questionable top on. It's a bit better. I think one of the problems I'm having is that I'm not a pants person; they never fit me right. Yesterdays outfit was the most, "Me." I need to figure out how to find more of those so I don't end up living in that one dress, which I am prone to do.


Be forewarned. There is a good chance you will be viewing my entire wardrobe.

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