Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Might Be a Little Home Sick.

Not home sick so much as missing Jessica and the kids. To combat my near to tears morning, Megan, Oliver and I went to the Tobacco Barn, aka junk and antique heaven. The barn is unheated, and it's colder inside than outside, which was 30 degrees. Poor little Oliver was shaking after just a few minutes there. Fortunately I remembered an instant hand warmer pouch I had and we were able to put inside his jacket. I found it in the dollar bin at Target and figured it would come in handy sometime. You open the outer pouch and shake the inner pouch and bam! Instant heat. Nine hours later and the thing is still hot.
Whenever I'm at the barn I find so many wonderful things. I'm in love and lusting after this old cash register cabinet, with a pull out shelf.



Another piece I'd like to have in my house is this book shelf.


You know my love of lamps and clocks...Brewier knows if we go to a yard sale those are the two things I gravitate to; well this piece combines both of those things!


Pretty awesome, but not my style.

I think this would make a great entry hall bench. I'd paint it and recover the cushion.


It would be so easy to decorate the entire house shopping there!

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LindaSue said...

OK I'd like the first piece delivered here in Texas please?! there are some real treasures there - thank goodness I am downsizing my life 'cause reading your blog inspires me to buy more household fun stuff!
Those little packets are wonderful - I'm kind of obsessed with the Therma Heat patch things for a bad muscle in my back -- sooo comforting and no cord (like a heating pad without hte hassle)