Monday, March 11, 2013

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Saturday we all got in the car to explore the countryside and while driving around we passed Hickory Nut Gap Farm. One of the things I really appreciate about living in Asheville, is the opportunity to buy local food, especially grass fed beef. I've been purchasing the farms meats at our local health food store and was excited to visit actual farm and it's little shop. We went a little meat crazy and bought a big bag-o-beef.

The farm is located in a beautiful valley.

Oliver was most excited about seeing the horses.

Yes, there should be pictures with this post, lots of pretty pictures, but Flickr has been down all night :(

Footnote on Saturdays post: When Megan and I said,"this feels like home," we meant Orlando, where we saw interesting things and people every time we went out. Our home is only really weird when my brother and nephews come to visit :)






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