Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did You Know...

Because it was cold, grey and rainy here all day, I stayed in my pajamas eating cake, drinking coffee and watching Harry Potter. I also finally organized my pantry. None of this is very interesting so I will share a moving fact with you.
I was talking to the guy who drove and unloaded our moving van, and asked him how much all of our stuff weighed. He replied, 17,000 pounds. WHOA! "I have far too much stuff," I told him. He then told me that the average couple, whose children have grown up and moved out usually have 1,000 pounds of possessions for every year they've been married. We've been married 32 years...and our adult daughter and grandson live with us....and part of our 17,000 pounds was Megans business supplies. We also happened to move 300 pounds of empty wine bottles, (making our wine bottle Christmas tree a very expensive Christmas decoration,) and a 300 pound fountain. Our other heavy things: books, dishes and craft supplies. So while I still feel like I have too many worldly treasures, I'm relieved its not as much as the average person.

Random picture. There is a store not far from our house that sells only handmade, upcycled products. I walked through he store going, "Yep. I've made that. Made that too." Yes I've made just about everything in the store before and then some. I'm thinking of asking if they take things on consignment. You know...get rid of some of my handmade treasures.


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