Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So Tired.

Boxes fill the house, and it took me 15 minutes to find a bar of soap for Olivers bath; but we are in the house. I'm at Brewiers apt. tonight as the master bedroom as well as most of the upstairs of the house reeks of fabric softener. Its as if I'm inhaling fire. Hopefully we will get internet at the house soon. We are all a bit lost without it.


Elizabeth said...

I hope the house gets aired out! I thought of you when I was having my Valentine dinner. I was almost done eating, when this couple gets sat down by us with a gallon of perfume on them!! My throat was on fire, and I had an instant headache :(

Hope you get settled soon.

LindaSue said...

oh my - fabric softener and Tricia lungs not a good combo. I've had spotty internet at my home for about two weeks - currently on vacation trip to South Padre Island and using Hilton wifi - feel as if I've moved into a different century! It'll all sort itself out with the new place - SOOO glad you and Brewier will settle into a new and I pray healthier place.