Monday, February 04, 2013


30 minutes after arriving home from Asheville last week, I messaged Sarah to see if she could come over for the weekend. Saturday morning, John and Ethan dropped her off and they headed to Busch Gardens. She arrived loaded with presents and goodies to eat.


Saturday morning our local mall has a fresh market where you can get produce, crafts, and our favorite, food! We ate delicious pulled pork sandwiches from the Hogfather, (I love their name.)


Then delved into Ethiopian food, and some of the best collards I've ever eaten.


Oliver was very enamored with Sarah and insisted he hold her hand everywhere. He also called her, "Dar," which is a huge compliment. I'm kind of wondering if he thinks all my friends are named Dar.


I found this photo on my camera...I think Megan must have taken it while I was waiting for my cup of coffee, to prove I really do still exist.


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