Thursday, February 21, 2013

On Our Own.

Tuesday my dear friend Renee arrived here with Eva. They drove all the way up from Orlando to spend their spring break helping us unpack and get settled. I can't even imagine what a mess I would be if I hadn't had them here. Renee is a super woman and just kept plowing through he task of unpacking boxes, breaking them down and moving them. I kept trying to tell her we needed to take a break but she is a focused worker. Today it warmed up to 50 degrees, so Oliver and Eva were able to go out on the play set. Me...I sat in the sun, bundled in my cashmere sweater and black wool coat, soaking in the solar warmth and attempting to thaw out. I can almost feel my toes again.

photo (2)

Oliver and Eva, peeking in Megans office window.

photo (1)

Our house at night. I believe Renee took this from her van.


Renee and Eva headed back to Orlando this afternoon. Now reality sets in.

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LindaSue said...

you must be a wonderful friend - you inspire the most amazing gifts of friendship to you! Renee and Eva sure blessed your family and now - you get to settle into that beautiful place.