Monday, February 18, 2013

It Was Like Space Travel.

You know how in movies, whenever the astronauts have to spend an extended amount of time in space to get to their destination they're put in stasis?


Thats how the past year has felt to me...and it had nothing to do with my all white house, though it is a bit of a coincidence.
I've felt like the past year has been lived in a bubble, with nothing other than Olivers growth marking the passing of time. We made no friends, never got involved in a church, we just existed.
It's time to wake up. I see big changes in the coming year.


Elizabeth said...

So far there have been lots of good things happening to everyone around me! Even in my own camp. I think this seems to be a good year!

Vickie said...

Wow! Do I ever understand what that feels like. My bubble started June 6, 2011 and still hasn't burst.
Hope you make lots of friends and find a perfume free church!