Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Need To Start Blogging During the Day.

Because come evening I'm too tired. I am still unpacking many were taken to wrong rooms. I'm finding kitchen things in the basement, most of Megans things were put in the dining room, I haven't even opened the boxes in the garage and the craft room just scares me.
A friend told me about a Dillards clearance store not far from my house so Meg and I went out in search of warm clothes. Most of the items in the store were summer wear and I was able to find 3 summer dresses and one that can pass for winter clothing. I also discovered that there is a Pottery Barn outlet just 60 miles from my house. Road trip!


Elizabeth said...

I just need to start blogging in general! :)

How fun to have a Pottery Barn outlet near by!! Yipee :)

Bella Q said...

Hello Tricia- I used to blog at night and then realized too many typos- I'm tired! So I do the photo editing and stuff at night but post in the daytime when I'm more alert.

I now have you down on my blogroll- I will presume you are over 40. Thank you so much for putting my blog down on your good reads! Very flattered! -Bella Q

LindaSue said...

surely you'll find a good resale or consignment store soon - costly to try to put winter wear in your wardrobe!