Monday, January 07, 2013

We Left the House!

After over a week inside, we made our escape and went to Whole Foods, and even more importantly to a Vietnamese restaurant to get some Pho to go. I spied this in the parking lot of WF. Kind of cool.


The search for a house in Asheville continues. It's pretty frustrating since with in 30 seconds I found a house that met all of our requirements including budget, in Seattle. I've also been able to find houses in CA. Asheville is a wasteland full of mobile homes for rent. Sigh.


Elizabeth said...

Come out here!! :) Great to hear you are out and about. If I don't go to my Whole Foods everyday, they start to worry where I have been :)

Tracy said...

So happy you are out of the house and on the road to recovery. Good Luck with the house hunt.