Thursday, January 10, 2013

They'll Make a TV Show Out of Anything.

I've been watching Fraiser every morning, and during every commercial break is an ad for a new television show that premieres tonight called, "Double Divas." It's about a lingerie store in Atlanta that fits women for bras. For real...and yes I'm going to watch it, or at least the first few minutes. I've always wished there was a store like that around Orlando or Tampa, but no; and don't ever believe that you are getting a real bra fitting at Victora's secret or Soma. They carry their brand of bra, in limited sizes and the young women who work there are working on commission. Because I wear a larger cup size, I order about 8-10 bras at a time from Bare Necessities, try them all on, then return the ones that don't work for me. It's nice because I don't have to leave home and I can try them on under various outfits. While I've been able to find good fitting bras, they're pretty ugly; wide band, wide straps, no frills, a bow in the center if I'm lucky. After reading lots of reviews on this bra I decided to take a chance and order it, not for a minute believing it would look this nice in my size, or be supportive. I was wrong! It looks just like this, fits great, and is supportive. If you're looking for a pretty bra, this is it. I even ordered the matching thong so that I would have one pretty set of undies. Unfortunately I made the mistake of looking at my backside in the mirror, wearing said thong. What happend to my bum? Last year it was fine. This year it suddenly looks like my grandmas did. No wonder I hate pants.


Brewier Welch said...

Pictures please!!!

Brewier Welch said...

And I think your bum looks just fine.

Debbie V. said...

Thanks for the tip about Bare Necessities. I'd love a shop like this as I wear a plus size. But on TV? I don't know. I really hate the reality shows and can't wait for them to start making good shows again.

Elizabeth said...

I watched this last night. I'm asking myself why felt they had to build a show around this? The only interesting thing was the poor woman with the giant boobs. We felt so sorry for her, but was happy that they were able to help her. Don't think I'll tune in again though. I only did, because it was after Project Runway.

Caroline said...

This is going to sound absolutely nuts, but ask your doc for the name of (or look online) for a licensed/certified mastectomy fitter. I kid you not, I see so many women (like you) who can't find a good fit at Victoria's Secret, Soma, or specialty stores with "bra fitters." We're trained to fit just about any type/combination of boobs you can imagine: real, fake, huge, flat, prosthetic breasts, burst implants that left a mess, different size cups, etc.

They'll be able to set you up with some incredibly supportive, feminine bras that actually fit. I once fit a 38G, right after fitting a 32DD, right after fitting a 40AA. Believe me, they can find something that fits. Even strapless!

Also, the price is right. Or should be. They will typically run around $50, depending on their markup. Most fitters won't charge for the fitting, either. It certainly can't hurt to investigate. Most mastectomy fitters work in a women's boutique as opposed to a hospital, so it's not like going to the doctor. We're also hyper aware of the sensitivities chemo patients have, so they probably won't have any air fresheners or perfumes or anything like that, so you may actually be able to shop a little bit.

Just an idea, but if you have questions or want to know where to start looking, just let me know!


Debbie V. said...

Caroline - thank you so much for this encouragement. When I was looking around for a bra shop here near Louisville, KY (I had been to one when I was living in Ventura, CA) I wondered why they were all listed as post-mastectomy fitters. I just didn't know how I would fit into that. Now I know! (44 H here). I've worn a Goddess style with an underwire for decades but I believe it is going "out of print".