Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Plague Continues.

Another day of laying on the sofa and watching television. An observation on that; during the day every commercial break includes a spot for a weight loss plan, but during the evening it changes to pizza commercials.
My huge accomplishment today besides getting out of bed, was taking ornaments off the Christmas tree. Megan and Oliver helped. I didn't put them away, but at least the tree can be dragged to the curb...when I'm able to stand again.

Jan 2

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Elizabeth said...

I hate all those weight loss commercials in January! It's like we are all lemmings, every year on the same path to health, but only in January?!!!

I was going to take my tree down today as well, but by the time I did all my chores, it was too late, and now I'm not motivated to do it :( I don't like that it is still up!!!

Hope you are feeling better.