Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Thank You Online Friends

I posted an article to my FB page last week called, "10 Things Happy People Do Differently." Doesn't everyone want to be happier? I know I do. I struggle with depression and have since I was a teenager, and this article confirmed my suspicions of why; happy people build a strong social fabric. I have always struggled with that, despite the fact I love people. When I was younger it was because we moved every couple of years, and being shy it took me awhile to find friends; now as an adult I'm having an even harder time finding friends and being connected to my community because of my MCS. I'm unable to take classes, go to church or do most anything social, (yes I've whined about this many times before.) So while I am struggling right now with depression and isolation, I'm able to not totally lose it because of the people I have contact with online. If you're reading this, you are one of my lifesavers. So thank you to those who leave comments, write me emails and friend me on are my social fabric.


LindaSue said...

From what I've read about you - you have many of the attributes listed as what makes someone happier than the average bear. We all have some scars on our psyche that makes life challenging - I was a military brat so also moved a lot. My mom didn't have a lot of close friends and discouraged that in me - but ya know - we get through life, sometimes limping sometimes being dragged by someone we love who loves us - it is all a prep school for eternity. Sorry for your struggles with isolation and depression - I "get it" I have no children and am widowed - but reading your updates so often gives me a smile!

Debbie V. said...

I like your writing.
I noticed when we moved here to Indiana in 2005 that I have had a hard time making new friends - not sure why exactly. Sometimes I chalk it up to being an only child and being too comfortable in my own skin.
It also gets harder as I get older.
This is one reason I enjoy working full-time - I socialize at work :)
And getting older, I don't really feel like doing as much as I did when I was younger.
And yes, online friends are wonderful.

Monica Ritchie said...

Im so glad that God put us together online and allowed us to become friends in person. you are truly a blessing to me as a friend and unofficial family member.

Vickie said...

I didn't use to understand but now I do. I miss work because of it which is crazy because of all the crap that happened there. I think it's the kids I miss - not the rest of it. Wish you lived closer!

Debbie V. said...

I work at a university - so these kids are adults. I don't really "like" them, but I know they are our future.
I like the people I work with - just a few - but it is a support to me emotionally. I know they care about me - two men, three women and a few others. I can vent there without having them worry too much. Whereas when I vent at home, my husband and daughter worry.