Friday, January 25, 2013

So This Is Winter.

Today was cold...really cold, windy, and ice was falling from the sky. Not rain, though that eventually did come. not hail, but drops of ice. The roads froze and cars were all over the place, sliding and blocking the road, some sliding off the road. Megan and I stayed in, ( except to go out at 8am for our McDonalds coffee fix.) Brewiers little one bedroom apartment is cozy and warm. The building, circa late 1960's I'm guessing, is just two stories with a total of 6 apartments. Its kind of run down but it works for him.

This is standing at the bedroom door, looking out the front of the apt.



And the beautiful view we see from the sofa.


I know, the strip mining isn't so pretty, but I can selectively ignore that and just see the mountains.

The cold is starting to bother me a bit, but then I go to And I remember why I was so happy to get out of FL.

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