Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sad Sigh...

Last night Oliver developed a runny nose and fever, and today there is no doubt that he too is sick. I keep thinking that, "Tomorrow I'll be better," but my symptoms just change. Jessica said her family has also relapsed. I'm just really thankful that I don't have to be at work anywhere. I can't imagine how Brewier does it when he isn't feeling well. Right now Brewier is driving to Ky. His mom had signed a DNR - she has asthma and recurrent pneumonia, and it looks like this is the end. Brett is with her and said she has already developed a death rattle.

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Vickie said...

So very sorry to hear about Brewier's mom. Will be praying for all of you.
If you guys have what I have = the Dr. said after my flu test came back negative - "I was hoping it was the flu because it would be over in a week but it looks like you have the virus I had and it lasted 6 weeks for me." He said it could last 4 - 6 weeks, yuck.