Monday, January 14, 2013

My Take On The Golden Globe Dresses.

Best dressed. Wow, there were a lot of lovely ladies truly looking like movie stars. I thought Claire Danes was stunning.


And only Jennifer Lopez could pull off this look and not look trashy.


Jessica Chastain should fire her stylist. There was nothing flattering about her dress. It was cut straight across her waist in the back, and the front made her look like she had saggy grandma boobs. And her hair, parted right down the, no,no.


I think Lucy Lu wore one of the riskier dresses. I thought I would hate it, but on her it is perfectly beautiful.


Another best dressed contender is this guy, who gets compliments where ever we go.



Dawn Schreiner said...

I agree with all your assessments and give extra points for dapper darling, Oliver.

Dr. Schoen and staff said...
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Darlene Sherwood said...

Oliver gets my vote for best dressed!

Monica Ritchie said...

He rocks the jaunty caps. my guys always get compliments on their hats when they wear them.

Vickie said...

Oliver is definitely the winner!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Poor Jessica. That dress is awful.