Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Despite preparing to move, I still have to decorate a little bit for Valentines Day.


(Birds by artist Jim Mullins, "Patron Saint of Misfits," painting by artist extraordinaire, Dawn Schreiner.)

More love. I found three of these vintage glasses in a thrift store, and you know my weakness for glassware; I had to buy them. But seriously, look at how thoughtfully they were designed. They have an outward curve making for a secure hold on the glass, and the design that is etched on it, is placed perfectly to provide a better grip.


They have become my favorite glass to drink kombucha from.



LindaSue said...

tasteful and playful - your Valentine's decor is just right. Oh the Kombucha looks almost like sparkling rose! lots better for you I'm certain -

Elizabeth said...

I never know when to put out Valentine decor. Given that it is in the middle of the month, you don't get a lot of time if you put it up in Feb. 1st.
Perhaps I will haul out some of my goodies next week.

Any luck with the house hunting? I hope you find something really nice! I find that eventually something perfect turns up :)

Elizabeth said...
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