Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I Will Never Learn.

I had a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast last time stayed at Darlene's, and I've been craving it ever since. This morning despite feeling lousy, I decided I'd make a pie so I would have yumminess for breakfast every morning this week. You would think that after 30+ years I would have learned not to attempt baking when I don't feel good, but no. So it should be no surprise that my pie turned out weird and grainy, and yet I keep eating it anyway hoping the next bite will be better...but it's not.

Jessica and the kids came over for a visit this morning; I hadn't seen them since last year:) Not that I got to see them much since the cool place to hang out is on Megans bed.


Megan, Jessica and I are all feeling sad that we couldn't make MawMaw's funeral today. This is probably the last time Brewiers whole family will be together. So sad.

Making me happy is that Hulu now carries the show, "A Cooks Tour," circa 2001, with Anthony Bourdain. Unfortunately I made the mistake of eating while watching it. Just as I was taking a bite of scrambled eggs, (which I have a hard time eating anyway, but it was easy to fix,) Anthony Bourdain was taking a bite of live, beating cobra heart. Yes, I gagged on my eggs and had to dump them.


Darlene Sherwood said...

Sorry for the loss of Brewier's mom. Glad you were able to have your girls and grandchildren around.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Oh, maybe that's what has been wrong with everything I've ever tried baking: maybe I am always sick, ha! :)