Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Thought About Not Blogging.

But I really plan on living up to my daily observations address.
I woke up and knew I was back in FL. Itchy eyes, wheezy chest, foggy brain and achy. Instead of getting out of bed and unpacking my suitcase, I got on my computer to find something to watch. I finally got up the courage to view, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,"...I've never in my life cried so much watching a movie. Great movie, but crying is not what I needed today. Brewier sent a letter to our landlord, giving a 30 day notice and informing him that we won't be renewing our lease. I started packing, and after finishing one box, became overwhelmed and weepy. I just did this a year ago. Making it worse is that we haven't found a house, everything has carpet or mold or both.
I leave you with pictures of a couple of the pretty kitchens we saw.




Elizabeth said...

OH, so sorry to hear of your problems with house hunting :( Were the ones pictured with the pretty kitchens, the ones with carpet? That was the problem when we looked back in 2006, and ended up with a ton of carpet. I mad a no shoe policy, and have kept it rather clean, but I understand the allergy issue is probably your problem. I hate the carpet!!! I really hope you find a place soon.

LindaSue said...

solid floors of any kind are preferable to carpet - my brother has purchased two houses in past 4 years and before moving in had all carpet removed and tile put in. Hope things will shake out well for you - I found over many years of real estate work that the right place is available at the right time.

Vickie said...

I am praying for you to find a wonderful mold free, wood or tile floor, and any type of allergen free home.
I will miss you but I want you to be healthy and happy!