Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Have Lust.

For a house. It's out of our price range, on a golf course, and in a valley; three big drawbacks, but oh how I I want to live in this house. It has no carpet and it reminds me of the home from the movie, "Father of the Bride."


My exciting news for the week...I finally called Brighthouse to fix the problems I was having signing into my account. Now I can watch cable television on my ipad and iphone. Keith Sherwood, (my friend who wrote the app,) you are my hero.

Here I am watching Fraiser on my phone, ipad and tv, simultaneously.



LindaSue said...

It does look just like Steve Martin should walk out the door with a basketball under his arm (or Fronk the wedding planner be hustling around) --hard when you see something you like so much - just too far out of budget line? if it has been on market a long while might be flexible on price? anyhow - fun to see

Elizabeth said...

That house sure is beautiful. I bet is still is less per month than something out here :( I hope you find something fabulous soon :)

The Forecaster's Wife said...

Is that the episode where the bowl gets broken?

P.s. I love Frasier;)