Friday, January 11, 2013

He Likes Downton Abbey

Its been another day on the sofa...this is one nasty virus. Fortunately I have Netflix and Amazon Prime to keep me entertained. Megan and I have been re-watching Downton Abbey, and Oliver loves it. He stands as close to the tv as he can get.


I'm so grateful to Megan for cooking while i don't feel good. Today she made this delicious soup...nothing tastes better when you're under the weather than soup.



Debbie V. said...

Downtown Abbey is the highlight of my TV week. It's such a pleasure to watch. It's hard to say which character is my favorite - I'm curious to see what will happen with Edith and can't wait for Thomas to get the shaft.

LindaSue said...

that soup looks SO good - I would have loved to have someone make me some soup during my two weeks of viral affliction - funny about Oliver liking that tv show - you think it is the way they talk?