Sunday, January 13, 2013


A Panera Bread opened this week at the mall near us and we had grand opening coupons that expired today, so we escaped the confines of our house and went to the mall. The place was packed and we couldn't have been with people! It was so beautiful out that we hung out at the mall even though the stores weren't open.



The house hunt in Asheville continues. Brewier went and checked out several disappointing homes this weekend. It's feeling so hopeless and we are so tired of living apart.
And now I'm going to watch the Golden Globes and critique the dresses.

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LindaSue said...

looking forward to reading your Golden Globe fashion review - some real nightmares -some truly stunning looks - sorry about the disappointing house hunt in Asheville - just for the heck of it (not knowing your budget or anything ) I searched a few sites and you are right - odd assortment of properties-the right one will be there at the right time