Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A View From The Top.

Today we went and looked at a home in Asheville. It was built in the 50's has all hardwood floors...and mold:( Thats a real deal breaker. My friend Renee who is from this area sent me a link to a house in Hendersonville. The owner is out of town but is trying to get someone to show us the house. It has carpet, but is so amazing that we want to see inside. We drove up a mountain to peek in the windows this afternoon. It is on the very top of the mountain and the views are spectacular. I took photos, but they don't come close to the actual breathtaking view.



The search continues.


LindaSue said...

Now that is the glory of the Lord on display - is railing in bottom picture a deck or fence?

Lorenzo said...

Your story has created my interest to view this house and I am looking for the wooden work of that house.But I have not seen these pictures your have shared on your blog, because these are not shown in proper format.

Jerry Zhang said...

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