Tuesday, January 01, 2013


It hasn't started out as planned. Instead of having my annual party, I spent it in my darkened bedroom, too sick to even care about New Years Eve. Today I'm still sick and achy, but well enough to be upset that I can't go outside and enjoy this winter day. Its 77, with a clear blue sky, slight breeze and no humidity. Perfect. Weather.

Jan 1

I've spent the day here. A bit of an improvement over yesterday.

Jan 1

I'm trying to figure out my ipad and iphone, because as with all apple products, there is no user manual. So far I'm failing miserably.


Vickie said...

I woke up sick Sunday and went to the Dr. yesterday. Been spending the last two days in bed. I haven't been this sick in years. Hope you get better soon!

Elizabeth said...

I heard that this year the flu shot was a really good match for what was out there this year, so I got one. Hopefully I will dodge a bullet.

If you go to Barnes and Noble or any other big chain book store, there are ipad magazines with good ideas in them for help and how to use it in a better manner. I'm still looking through it.
It is funny to find the balance between using your lap top and the ipad. All my apple stuff sits in one spot, and I feel like I'm always shifting or the other, because one sometimes is better that the other for certain things. Enjoy, and get well!!