Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Tree

When you walk through our front doors, this is the view that greats you.



And what we see from inside the house.


That's it for today.


Theresa Gustafson said...

Wow Tricia, it looks so inviting!

Elizabeth said...

Very Nice. Your tree is so pretty!!!

LindaSue said...

the tinsel is most excellent choice - great look

Amy said...

Your tree is beautiful and your front doors are outside! Or, your pool is inside, I'm not sure which.

Vonlipi said...

That looks so amazing!

Even if you're blogging from FL, nobody looks hot.

The place looks cheery and seasonnal and very inviting!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

I'm visiting from Quebec Canada and here we have over 24 inches of snow on the ground :)