Friday, December 28, 2012

The Plague

Yesterday I called Jessica to check in and see how she was feeling...(I don't think I've shared on my blog that she is pregnant!) She said her morning sickness was really bad, and Kate was running a fever. I went over to pick up Addison and Clay so they could spend the night and give mama a chance to rest. All was well until this morning when Addison said her throat and mouth felt funny, and her stomach hurt. Then this afternoon she fell asleep on the sofa and woke up moaning and crying that her head hurt. I called Jessica to let her know Addison was sick and she told me that she thought she had a virus too. ( I thought it was more than morning sickness.) Addison has decided my house is the better place not to feel well, so she and I are on the sofa watching curious George, (though I'm going to grab my headphones, get on Hulu, and catch up on, "Nashville." Megan has the very loud and rambunctious boys corralled in her room even though she is starting to feel sick. I'm praying I don't succumb.

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Elizabeth said...

Tis the season isn't it?! You want to be able to have fun, then the sickness comes swooping in.
Congrats on the new grandchild to be :) How exciting!

Drink a bunk of Emergen C :)