Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Found Myself On Google Maps

Last November Megan and I were taking Oliver for a walk, when we saw this guy on a strange looking bike. We stopped him to ask what he was doing and he, (his name is Greg,) was riding his bike through the park taking pics for Google Maps. It was something new they were trying. (I thought for sure I had blogged about this last year, but couldn't find the post.)


This morning I was visiting different cities on Google maps, and thought I would go to Orlando and see if Langford Park had ever been updated. It had, and here we are.

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Ken Pflug said...

there is also a profile pic not blurred . to cool

LindaSue said...

wow! you are googled for posterity - and y'all look good.

Elizabeth said...

That is great!!

Monica Ritchie said...

awesome, like when Dominic and i were on the bridge cam!!