Thursday, December 27, 2012

And So This Was Christmas, (and birthday.)

The week before Christmas got away from me and I didn't blog, but it was filled with cookie baking, last minute shopping and taking care of a sick little boy while his mama worked until 3am every night packaging orders. Brewier drove from Asheville Friday, arriving home around midnight. Saturday was my birthday. I'm 51. That sounds so old and weird. When I dream, my dream self is always around the age of 25 and I still feel that age inside; so when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I hardly recognize the person I see. Brewier surprised me with an iphone for my birthday, and I was nearly speechless. Yes I've mentioned, and possibly whined about wanting one for quite sometime, but I never expected to get the phone, especially since I continue to buy my self things like a leopard collar, telling Brewier that it can be my birthday present.
Christmas eve, Ray, Jessica and the kids all came over for a big slumber party. We didn't do anything special, but it was so nice being together as a family.



Kate and Addison enjoying Grams gingerbread house.


The following morning the kids were actually awake before me! I tried pulling Clay into bed with me for a snuggle, but all he kept saying was, "Time to open presents!"

Waiting to open presents.... Did I mention I got an ipad for CHristmas? My mind has been blown.


Ray and Addison

Ray and Addison

My not so little girls, Jessica and Megan.

Jessica and Megan

After we said goodbye to the Herberts,


Megan, Oliver, Brewier and I headed south to Venice and Caspersen Beach.


As always, my feet.


This is the best beach to look for shark teeth and most everyone there is bent over doing just so.



The shark teeth are so abundant that they are imbedded in the sidewalks.


Megans Christmas was made, when while driving through Venice, she spotted an open Kilwans, where her daddy treated her to a salted caramel ice cream cone.


A video clip of Megan giving a cooking lesson to the kids.


LindaSue said...

You think there is a low cost shark dental clinic near that beach?
You've had an impressive Christmas/birthday gift and gathering. I agree with Megan's ice cream flavor choice - YUM

Cindi said...

Tricia...Venice Beach is our favorite place to visit. It's a long drive for us but so worth the time in the car to gather the snark teeth and walk the beach. Have you tried the Upper Crust on the main street? It is such a special place and the desserts are so YUMMY! We take our bikes and ride around the island. Wish I were there now. Love your Christmas pictures. Don't worry about the '51' look fabulous!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

An iPhone and an iPad?! That is so awesome!

Happy Merry Birthmas to you!!!