Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sometimes I Just Get Bored Being Online.

This results in a lack of blogging, and since I blog mainly so I can remember what I do year to year, this leads to future amnesia for me, so I'm going to have to play catch up, starting with today.
Besides Brewier driving an hour and a half to get us Thai food, he took us all for a ride to pick out a Christmas tree. It was deemed that my wine bottle tree would be to dangerous for a 20 month old boy to be around, and we decided on a live tree, despite the fact that I'm allergic to them, (and now apparently, so is Megan.) I had planned on a cheapo 6 foot tree. Instead we came home with a 10-11 foot beauty.
Oliver had a fun time looking at the trees. But then he has fun just about any place he goes.


It doesn't look that big tied to the top of our car.


But its a giant! Megan and I are giddy over it.



Brewier Welch said...

Who is that old man on the ladder?

Elizabeth said...

Oliver is getting so big! What a cutie, and boy that is going to be fun decorating that tree with him. Lucky you :)