Friday, November 16, 2012


Our mornings have been very overcast making it actually feel like fall here. We've been in such a holiday spirit, anxious to decorate and bake. This morning Megan and I have been watching all the, "Friends," Thanksgiving episodes, and planning our menu for next Thursday. Originally we had planned on spending Thanksgiving in Orlando, but those plans fell through, so instead Ray, Jessica and the kids are coming here. Megan is the chef, so I'm going to decorate, and plan activities and crafts for the kids. I plan on making a kringle for breakfast to enjoy while we watch the Macys parade. I say, "watch," but really the tv is turned on to the parade while we cook. The one thing I'm missing for the day is a dining room table. I sold mine, and am now on the hunt for a new one. After spending hours on Craigslist, I've come to the conclusion once again, that Floridians in general have the ugliest, tackiest furniture. Think glass,stone, or faux Italian. Don't believe me? Just check it out sometime.
Yesterday Brewier and I started our Christmas shopping, and we bought Addison and Kate the cutest vests!


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Elizabeth said...

That is a very cute vest. Don't you love the episode where Joey wears the maternity pants ?! So funny.