Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving.

It was agreed by Megan and myself that this was the nicest Thanksgiving ever. For 15 years we've been joining Mark, Darlene and their extended family for food and festivities, and I never thought Thanksgiving could be any more fun, but it was.
Megan cooked the majority of our meal, with Jessica bringing the best mashed potatoes ever. Megan somehow convinced her that we needed 10 pounds of them. Yes, 10 pounds for 5 adults and 4 small children. We had a bit leftover. I made a kringle for breakfast and Oliver helped me with the icing.


It was SO good.


While Megan slaved away in the kitchen, Brewier and I took Oliver for a walk around the block. One neighbor already had their Christmas decorations up!


I had an olive tray leftover from Sarahs visit last weekend and the kids devoured it! They love having snacks out by the pool. So do the adults.


The kids did crafts, and we had our annual water ballon shooting contest.



My big concern was figuring out where we would eat; I sold my dining room table before the move. Brewier came to the rescue by pushing two tables, (from my bedroom,)
together, and gathering every chair we own. It worked out really well!




We even managed to wrangle the kids for a much desired family photo!



Elizabeth said...

We had a really fun one too! This year was so mellow. We had a couple college kids that couldn't go home for Thanksgiving. One of them is my sisters extended family, and the other was her friend. She is so funny that we laughed so hard at times, that I couldn't breath!

Glad you guys had a great one too :)

LindaSue said...

wonderful family portrait and looks like an ideal holiday celebration. Good for you!