Monday, November 05, 2012

I've Been Blogging for 10 Years!

I alway miss my blog birthday, which is November 1st. So Yeah...ten years. I'm considering having a giveaway to celebrate. Seeing as how I have only a dozen readers, odds of winning would be pretty good.

Last week while in Orlando, we were having the most beautiful weather. I don't think the temperatures ever got higher than 75 degrees, and our humidity was unusually low, meaning it was perfect sweater and boot weather.


We met up with Melissa on Park Ave, to window shop and celebrate her birthday with lunch at a French cafe...which while the food and coffee were delicious, sadly wasn't quite as festive as I had hoped - but it did have a mirrored ceiling and we took pictures of ourselves in it.


Looking up.


Walking the beautiful courtyards; this one is my favorite.


Megan got brave and pet the giant fish.


And no trip is complete, (at least for me,) without a visit to Pottery Barn, which was already decorated for Christmas!


Later in the evening, I picked up Sarah from work, and we went to Park Ave.
Ever since it open in 2006, Sarah and I have been trying to go to The Wine Room, in Winter Park. (This is where I got all the wine bottles for my Christmas tree.) Because of my breathing problems, perfume has kept me from patronizing the wine bar, but it was Halloween, and the place was nearly empty!
To sample wines, you buy a debit card and load it with however much money you want, then you can go to different stations and buy either an ounce, a half glass or full glass of wine. Its a great way to taste really expensive wines, but most of the ones we tried were $4 or less an ounce.


Our favorite was an inexpensive red.


We ordered a antipasto platter and sat nibbling, drinking and talking for four hours!


We decided this is definitely something we want to do again. We may even invite our husbands :)



Elizabeth said...

Wow! Ten years is fantastic! I really wish I had known all about the blog world back in 2002, because that was the year that we moved to France, and it would have been so fun to document it through a blog.

Congratulations on 10 years!

Tim Goldsmith said...

10years? Well done!

Finally a competition I might win if there's only 11 other people to compete with!

Amy said...

A lot has happened in ten years, hasn't it? Well done! I look forward to the next ten years of visiting Florida online :) I'll be in a competition too, you may have to send to Australia!