Wednesday, November 28, 2012

House Hunting Again.

Yesterday Brewier left for Asheville, and today he starts his new, permanent job there. Permanent as in we are once again planning to move. We are both excited and sad. We love this house and being so close to Jessica and Ray, but Florida is still a really unhealthy place for me, (Jessica just told me about an article she read in a Tampa paper that said 1/3 of ALL the pesticides in the U.S. are used in FL,) and where we live has changed and grown an unbelievable amount just since we moved here in March.

Brewier and I found this globe light at the Salvation Army on black Friday. I looked on Etsy and this exact one goes for $100. I've wanted one ever since I saw it in the movie, "While You Were Sleeping."



Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear of the permanent job, that is always nice. Since you haven't been at this house too long, hopefully is isn't too hard to part ways.
Is Asheville in North Carolina? Will Megan and Oliver go with you?

LindaSue said...

ahh - just googling for houses in Asheville - wow plenty of supply and decent prices. You will love it there I'm sure - and Jon and Sara will just have to come visit more often. Yes are Megan and Oliver coming (of course?) wonderful plans and oh my goodness I like that globe light