Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Megan and I are anxiously awaiting the polls to close so we can glue ourselves to the television and watch the results, while snacking on treats bought especially for the occasion. We take voting seriously here. My mommy heart swelled when I read her Facebook status today, because it expresses exactly how I have always felt about the privilege of voting.

"How exciting that we all get to take part in history today! Seriously, it feels like a holiday to me. I'm so glad that I forgot to mail my absentee ballot and went in person to vote. Small town meant no wait, lots of smiles, and that coveted "I voted" sticker :)"

Brewier finishes his job in Albuquerque on Friday; much sooner than we thought he would. There is a permanent job prospect in the works, but I'm not saying anything about that yet.
I can't believe it is already November. My craft blog is very neglected and dusty, and my Etsy shop has been closed since we moved. Somehow playing with Oliver has taken precedent over those things, though I really need to get my shop open for the Christmas shopping season.

Unrelated to any of this - my new favorite television show is Alaska: The Last Frontier, on the Discovery channel. I think I've watched each episode at least twice. It's about homesteaders in Alaska, and despite my affinity for glamour and such, homesteading has always held a strong appeal for me.

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Megan Lee said...

You should have your own glamourous show: "Fringe & Fur: Homesteading In Style"