Sunday, November 04, 2012

Catch - Up

I was quite busy while my computer was off being repaired. Having run out of my North Carolina water I was due for a trip to Orlando to pick up another 35 gallons of the stuff. I leave the empty 5 gallon jugs at Greg's house and pick up up full ones the following day. It also gives me a chance to visit with my brother.
While visiting we ate pears in the driveway, which Oliver thoroughly enjoyed.


Greg, who calls himself, "Uncle Fun," gave a delighted Oliver, a rope to play with and take home...which we have hidden from him for awhile.



Uncle Fun put Oliver in bucket that Gator has hung from a rope that he strung between the trees. Gator hides in the bucket then shoots an unsuspecting Sam, with a Nerf gun. Oliver was content just sitting and swinging.


This is what happens after spending the morning with Uncle Fun.


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