Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Tale of Two Saturdays.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, John, Sarah and Ethan came for a visit. John and Ethan have passes to Busch Gardens and while they spent both Saturday and Sunday at the park, Sarah and I did what we do best. Shop. Saturday we once again spent hours at the Salvation Army. Sarah has the best luck finding clothes there and came home with quite a haul. She also spotted and bought an awesome vintage lamp, which sadly I have no pictures of. As we were walking through the store people kept stopping her to enviously comment on the lamp...I'm so happy she saw it before anyone else.
Sunday we went to JCPennes to find a pair of jeans for me. Because of my food allergies I can go from normal to looking 8 months pregnant within a matter of seconds. No exaggeration, you can watch my stomach bloat. Sarah suggest stretch jeggings. I never thought I'd buy anything like that, but I ended up getting 2 pairs.



Watching Gangham Style.


This past Saturday Brewier and I went over to St Pete to check out their Saturday Market, which was celebrating it's 10 year birthday. It was much larger than I expected, full of food and craft vendors. While I really enjoyed going, I miss the farmers market in Danville, where I could buy local organic produce.


The park was next to the bay with its pretty sail boats.


After the market we walked around the very picturesque downtown.



Some of the buildings have stunning architecture.



While some of the more modern structures just reflect the architecture.


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LindaSue said...

aha I was born at MacDill AFB but don't recall much about the area - looks wonderful -