Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Man of Gold

At the corner of Colonial Drive and McGuire Ave in Orlando stands a man dressed in a gold suit, top hat and mask. Standing isn't really the right word as he is always waving, bowing and tipping his hat with enthusiasm and joy, even in the heat of summer. Though the red light is a long one, I don't mind waiting because the gold man is so engaging and never fails to make me smile. He works for the Gold and Diamond Exchange store, from morning till night when the store closes. I took photos while in Orlando this week, and when I uploaded them, was able to read the sign he was holding. He was voted Best Sport by Orlando Weekly, and you can read an article on him here.
His name is Jose Melendez and he is a 35 year old single dad. He says he doesn't like his job, he loves it, and has turned it into a career. His attitude is inspiring and I recommend reading the article.



( Orlando Weekly photo.)

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