Thursday, October 25, 2012


I do love it. It used to be for clothes, but with age and weight gain, that's not so much fun anymore. Now I shop for my home, and thanks to the internet I don't have to leave my house....which is good because as you all that's a challenge for me. Just because I shop doesn't mean I buy. I get great pleasure just from looking at pretty things and thinking about how I would decorate with them. My newest infatuation is this steamer trunk/bar. I've always had a soft spot for vintage steamer trunks with all their little drawers and compartments and I think if I had this piece I'd put it in the guest house and set it up as a snack and coffee bar.

bar trunk

This morning Megan, Oliver and myself met up with Jessica and her brood at Forever 21. I love their clothes but they run VERY small, so all I usually buy is accessories. Until today.

When Jessica and Megan were little I wanted us to have matching outfits, especially matching pajamas like the family in the Sears catalog, from when I was a kid, wore.
Megan was game, but I could never get Jessica to go along with the plan. Now that she is an adult, we have so many of the same pieces that we've been caught wearing them out at the same time. Today we both bought the same skirt and bracelet.


Leather with rhinestone studs, Love. It.


The skirt is fun to wear and both Jessica and I were twirling in the dressing room like a couple of three year olds.
I was hesitant about the skirt because while I do love it, it violates the fashion rule of wearing anything above the knee once you're 50. But Jessica said it was ok. I've never followed fashion rules much anyway.


c.g. said...

I know you have great legs but if those are your legs....
I will have to go drown my sorrows in a bin of potato chips. :-(

Vickie said...

love the bracelet.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Shopping gets me into trouble...even when I'm "just looking for ideas," because inevitably I find something I cannot live without and have to have it.

Post a photo of all three of you in the skirt (which is awesome, by the way)!